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Northern Precision Products

is a Michigan-based, high-performance screw machine shop that cuts and forms machine-grade metal alloys into revolved (2-axis) parts. As a mid-to-large volume contracted assembly component manufacturer, we partner with Tier One and Two suppliers to OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Our company is ISO/TS-certified and have been producing high-quality precision machined components for over 30 years.

We are committed to building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our customers and have a “Whatever It Takes” attitude. Our open, collaborative style of communication helps us build trusting relationships so together, we can deliver low-cost solutions in highly complex markets.

At NPP we understand the challenges you face as an OEM supplier:

  • Your products must meet demanding new expectations for quality, safety, performance, and environmental sustainability.
  • You face increasing regulatory demands, in the USA and around the world.
  • Your CNC machining supplier satisfies your low volume supply needs, but their price may not be competitive on mid to large volume orders.
  • Sourcing from China, once seen as the answer for larger volume machined components, comes with drawbacks. These include quality issues, rising costs, working capital tied up for weeks on the inbound journey, and unpredictable delays that can shut down plants.

So it’s natural you demand higher performance from your precision components suppliers. You must.

In today’s challenging markets, you can turn to us, a mid to high volume supplier that’s capable of standing with you to meet your unique needs. We are accustomed to operating at the high standards and practices of the auto industry and other leading industries.

Using innovative machining methods that allow a less capital-intensive production strategy, we can be counted on to cost-effectively meet your demanding requirements—in fact, we offer a Zero Defects Guarantee. Simply stated, our processes are so finely tuned that we guarantee your parts will be 100% compliant.

As a Northern Precision customer, you can expect:

  • Quicker time-to-revenue for new components
  • To be supported in satisfying your customers and growing your revenue
  • Becoming more competitive with your OEMs and improving your margins
  • To grow revenue with less inventory investment, costs of carrying and managing inventory, and less risk

What Sets Us Apart From Other Suppliers

Our NPP supply advantage benefits are:

  • Zero Defect Guarantee – our very low DPPM quality performance enables us to make this promise
  • 100% on-time delivery – our flexible production schedule allows for reasonable short-notice changes
  • Low supply cost – especially for light brass parts, conventional CNC parts, and mid volume orders
  • Stable pricing – especially for brass components
  • Value added feedback – on part design and ordering practices

Our focus on continuous improvement, proactive product and process innovation and high-volume production capability sets us apart from the competition. When you combine that with our low-cost Leroy, MI location, focused machine platform strategy and purchasing leverage we offer the advantage you need to compete for OEM business.

Could you use the NPP supply advantage?

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