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How WE Can Help

If you are ready to partner with a trusted supplier for your demanding needs we can help you by:

  • Meeting stricter quality requirements – We are an ISO/TS16949:2009 supplier with an excellent quality performance record.
  • Satisfying cost reduction mandates – We supply machined components at the greatest value when they are light-weight brass components and mid-volume production releases previously run on CNC machines.
  • Avoiding pricing conflicts – Our price brass lock program helps eliminate much of the impact metal market instability has on brass prices and margins.
  • Providing greater delivery flexibility – Reduced setup times, nimble scheduling, and high production efficiencies enable us to pull-ahead, push-back and drop-in shipments – to help you and your customer respond to unplanned demand.
  • Reducing product liability costs – We stand behind our products. Our Zero-Defect Guarantee means that if we shipped you nonconforming product we will be responsible for the costs associated with containing the suspect population and reworking or replacing the nonconforming product.
  • Increasing Communication through Collaboration – NPP takes pride in conducting open, honest, timely and transparent communications – whether it be during PPAP, 8D failure analysis, APQP follow-up or cost reviews and value analysis workshops.
  • Providing high-value alternatives to “off-shoring”. Of course, we encourage you to “Buy American”! But putting patriotism aside for the moment, working with NPP makes perfect sense because of the lower total cost of supply. NPP’s world class pricing combined with the many logistical benefits from domestic sourcing, like less inventory carrying cost, less stock-outs, and shorter shipping routes, contribute to this customer advantage.

At NPP, we understand the day to day challenges you face. Let us eliminate your component supply headaches so you can focus on building and growing your OEM relationships. And, working with a supplier in the U.S. means you can pick up the phone and talk with us whenever you need to. We believe that working closely and communicating every step of the way is key to a successful partnership.