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Machining Strategy

Northern Precision Products is an Acme screw machine shop. We have nineteen Acme Gridley screw machines (1” to 2”). Our specialty is efficiently turning bar stock on the six-spindle Acmes, which are most effectively utilized on medium to large volume production runs. When used for parts that fit our machining parameters, we can run more efficiently than many of the newest high technology machine centers that cost ten times as much, or more.

In addition, we maintain a complete secondary operations department that includes cross drilling, milling, ID/OD threading and back-finishing machining centers. We house three Miyano CNC lathes that perform secondary operations as well as fulfill prototype and service part orders for existing Acme customers.

Maintaining a focused machining strategy centered on Acme screw machines reduces our capital investment in other independent machining technology. This “cost avoidance” plays a significant role in keeping operating costs to a bare minimum. Which means lower piece prices for you.


Machining Capabilities

The practical limitations of our machine platform are as follows:

  • Two-axis machining
  • Machining grades of bar stock
  • Machining round or hex rod with a diameter of 1/4″ to 2″
  • Machining part lengths from ¼” to 6″ 
  • Machining minimum specification tolerances of +/- 0.002″

Machining Specialization
Post Machining Capabilities

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