Machining Specialization and Post Machining Capabilities 2017-12-22T11:42:43+00:00

More About Our Capabilities

Machining Specialization

Our forte is working within a tightly focused set of machining parameters:

  • Bar-fed “single drop-off” machining
  • Free-cutting (360) brass
  • Forming threads, either internal, external, or both
  • Thin walls
  • Deep blind holes
  • Small cut-off diameters
  • Thread rolling on delicate bodies

Post Machining Capabilities

We integrate redundant parts washing systems including machine-wash-inspect-pack cells and three bulk washing systems. We utilize various digital vision inspection systems for tooling, set-up samples and production parts. We also offer customers assembly-ready components by providing additional post machining processing through partnerships developed with outside annodizers, platers, thread-coaters, and heat treaters.

machined parts

Bulk washing