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More About Our Enhanced Customer Support

Our team does far more than take orders and ship you parts. We pride ourselves on offering an enhanced level of customer support that distinguishes us from the competition. Here’s how:

  • Our engineering team will evaluate part specifications and offer recommendations to improve part design, resulting in lower production costs, lighter weights and minimized risk of nonconformance.
  • We will offer to perform structured analyses to generate specific ideas that can lead to cost savings. Examples are die reduction studies and Northern Lights, our formal cost reduction program based principally upon minimal design changes resulting in lighter part weights.
  • Our brass lock program benefits our customers by securing favorable material costs as well as assuring future material price stability.
  • Without hesitancy, NPP will always “answer the call” to support our customers in containment and RC/CA actions whenever any of our products are suspected to be nonconforming to part specifications.
  • We are always available to provide troubleshooting assistance for issues with assemblies in customer plants, or beyond, that involve our conforming components.
  • We offer Long Term Agreements for the supply of specific components enabling pricing incentives in exchange for multi-year volume commitments.
  • We practice just in time delivery options where we’ll store your finished parts in our warehouse and ship immediately as needed under a blanket purchase order. Customers can request shipments on short notice as parts are needed, or to their predetermined schedule.
  • Our team can help manage outside processors on your behalf becoming a true “one stop” shop supplier. This helps save on vendor selection, review, scheduling, ordering, invoicing, payment, performance monitoring, shipping, and other vendor management responsibilities and costs.